Do You Know What Can Cause Delays While Shipping Your Car?

Whenever you seek services from any of the car shipping companies, they will generally offer you a tentative date of arrival of your car to your destination. No transporter will promise the exact date. Also, often there can be delays due to several reasons too.

Let us discuss in this post, various possible reasons why your car shipped even though the best car shipping company such as Ship A Car, Inc. may get delayed.

The following are a few of the possible causes that may be beyond the control of any car shipping company and as a result, you may have to wait longer to receive your car at the destination.

Weather condition

Often the carrier vehicle may get stuck on the road due to terrible weather conditions which is a very good reason why you can expect delays in receiving your car on time.

Traffics on the road

Traffic congestion due to certain unexpected reasons can also hold up the carrier vehicle on the road which may cause a possible delay and may wait till the traffic is clear.

Custom delays

If you are transporting your car internationally, getting held up often in customs could cause additional delays. Inspections and documentation errors can cause a shipment to be held up at customs.

Road construction

Another typical source of delay in car shipping is road work. If you send your shipment during a road construction project, there will almost certainly be traffic because of impassable routes, which will cause shipping to be delayed.

Breakdown of the carrier transport

Truck breakdowns are the most common reason for car transportation delays with some auto shipping firms. If a truck transporting your car breaks down, it has to be towed for bringing to a repair shop.

Lack of equipment

Delays can also occur if your car shipping business lacks the essential equipment to transport your vehicle. As a result, you must confirm this before booking the auto transport service.

Poor communication

Finally, poor communication from your car shipping providers might create delays. You may experience severe delays if you are not kept informed about the status of the shipment.

Number of stops on the way

The car numbers on a truck count as well, because the truck may have to make several stops along the way to reach your destination for picking up or dropping off other vehicles.

The more stops the auto carrier needs to make on the way the longer it will take to send your vehicle.

Delivery location

Remember that the area where you wish to export your car is also important. Delivery times are sometimes extended in rural or other difficult-to-reach areas. It is possible that shipping a car to a major city will save you time.

Whether you are sending to one of such hard-to-reach locations and also time is of importance, check with the carrier to see if meeting them someplace central could shorten the delivery time.

So plan your car shipping program in such a way that you can minimize all the possible reasons of such delays.