Why You Should Partner with a Freight Forwarder as an Amazon FBA Seller

If you are an amazon seller, you will have to learn the complexities associated with importing and exporting. You should at least understand your shipping options. If you are new to global trading, it can be daunting to understand all the governing regulations, costs, and processes. However, it is important to get your shipping options right if you want to increase your profit margins. 

As shipping cost is a heavy expense for you as an Amazon FBA seller, you should invest in time determining how to save as much money as possible. Use this guide to educate yourself on this:

How Freight Forwarding Works

ClearitUSA.com Amazon freight forwarding services specialize in end-to-end product import and export. They have a good understanding of how the industry works and have connections throughout the logistics sector. The majority of freight forwarders offer shipping and storage facilities along with other services you can benefit from such as freight consolidation, cargo insurance arrangement, book cargo space, and more. 

Reason to Use a Freight Forwarder

Using a freight forwarder provides you with the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness. The costs of using freight forwarding services are more affordable than the costs associated with alternative shipping options. And because a freight forwarder has many connections, they can help you find the best deal and consolidate your costs. 
  • Shipment safety. Goods can be packed and shipped in different ways. Also, things can go wrong between a supplier and a buyer including damaged goods. A freight forwarder has various transportation and storage options, offering you more control over the way goods are shipped. They can organize your shipment’s safe passage.
  • Rules navigation. A freight forwarder stays updated on the recent regulations, tax brackets, customs tariffs, and obligatory paperwork. They make sure all legal requirements are satisfied. Otherwise, your shipment can be held up at Customs, which could affect your business. 

Organizing an Amazon FBA Shipment

When you ship products to an Amazon FBA warehouse, you must meet certain requirements with product packaging, labeling, and storage. You must work with your forwarder with experience in preparing such type of shipment. If such requirements are not met, the warehouse staff will not accept the delivery. Your shipment will then be returned to the port and you shoulder the related costs. 

To arrange a forwarding service with your chosen forwarder, request a quote first. Ensure you include specific details. The quote will serve as the commitment of the forwarder to offering the service they promise after you both agree to the quote. The quote should include contact details, product weights and measures, and product descriptions.